Time is never there

Time is one of the commodity that is always on the move, it never waits for anybody regardless of your status in life, and you cant reverse it. I have come to realize that a person starts to be closer to death the moment they are born into this world. This seems to be irony but is the reality that we have to face always.

The moment we start breathing, the number of our day here on earth starts to depreciate every second. Therefore what should we do now that we know that time is never there? Below are some of the important thing we should look into in order to make the best out of the little time we have:

  1. Identify your purpose

We normally identify our purposes through our areas of interest and things we find peace and full control over while doing them. Identifying our purposes in life is basically finding means of solving most of the problems facing the world around us, and most of this things brings satisfaction and peace in our soul. By this we will be able to live our lives knowing that we are accomplishing things that we ought to have done at the right time.

2. Plan

We surely do not have a lot of time here on earth especially to lazy around, therefor we ought to be conscious of it in everything that we do. As these words of Benjamin Franklin goes, “If you fail to plan you are planning to fail” a plan gives us a frame work or rather a road map to where we are going and at what time we are suppose to be there. A plan if strictly followed, it gives a clear path to real time success.

The mystery that surrounds human being today is knowledge of number of their days they are left with here on earth, but if you put faith and focus on what you ought to deliver or achieve time will be less of your worries.

We should start looking into what we can do with the little time we have rather than what we have not done in the time that has pass. Be time focused

Thanks for reading.

Published by ajwangevans

Ajwang is a writer, a poet and a salesperson.

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